This online interior design service is perfect for individuals who want a master design plan that they can implement at their own pace. You provide me with dimensions and photos of your space and in return you'll get a design board, floor plan, renderings, and a list of sources for everything from side tables and lamps to artwork and decorative accessories. After one round of revisions, I'll finalize the design and then you can get started on bringing it to life!

When my husband and I bought our house three years ago, we had a general vision of how we wanted the interior to be designed and furnished but we were lost as to how to execute that vision. We met with Martha and showed her our floor plan and explained the style we were hoping to achieve, giving a few pictures as examples. Martha then put together an e-design plan for us which included digital renderings of each room with pictures of the pieces and where they would go. She also provided links for where to purchase each item along with some alternatives and information on sizing and quantities. Rugs were the biggest thing I had my eye on before starting this process, and Martha provided several amazing sources so that we would have alternatives. My absolute favorite piece is a beautiful rug that she selected for our living room that really ties the colors of our home together. At first we were uncertain how to place our living room couches, running into complications with setting up our TV on a certain wall. We tried a few different options but in the end the setup that not only looked best but felt best as far as room flow, was the placement that Martha suggested. We were so happy to have a fully designed and furnished home to move in to and we have been in love with it since then. Martha has great talent for modern, clean, and high quality design and is very professional and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of design services.
— Hillori & Jared Crandall